Proven tips to sleep better at night.

Our lifestyles have taken a toll on everything – health, stress, diet, sleep, relationships, family time – everything. We’re so occupied with our stressful jobs that even getting a peaceful sleep has become a luxury. But are you okay with this being an everyday affair? Lack of sleep leads to a whole lot of other issues. So why wait? Make use of these tips to get a peaceful sleep at night!

Fix a sleep schedule:
Keep a fixed time to sleep and wake up. Your body will slowly get used to this schedule, and no sooner, you’ll find yourself dozing off and sleeping at the same time -without any reminders and alarms! We’re not asking you to miss those occasional events that may require you to keep up late at night, but yes – on the other days, make sure you stick to your schedule.

Have an early dinner:
You should ideally have dinner at least 2 hours before bedtime. This gives the food you’ve consumed some time to settle in and not cause acidity. Acidity causes discomfort, and this disturbs you’re sleep. So try to wind up with dinner a couple of hours before sleep.

Exercise daily:
Well, you may wonder how exercise is the solution to most problems- but it is! There’s no escape, and you should follow your 45 min – 1-hour workout religiously. It will not only keep you fresh throughout the day but also tire you out at night, and you’ll find yourself drifting off to sleep!


Go off social media an hour before sleep time:
Shut down all those apps right in time to ensure you get undisturbed sleep. Social media browsing keeps your brain alert, and it needs some time to get off the hang of it – which is why the one hour gap has been suggested. Try it out, and yes, it helps!

Dim down the bedroom lights:
Bright lights are sleep repellers. You need to have a cosy and comfortable environment to sleep well. You could opt for lights that can be dimmed down sometime before your bedtime. This helps to mind to relax and get into sleep mode.

Reduce caffeine intake:
Caffeine stimulates the mind and keeps it alert for a long time. You need to reduce your caffeine intake or avoid caffeine intake later in the day. You can have it earlier, this gives your body to wane off the caffeine effect slowly, and you’re ready for a sound sleep at night.

A few lifestyle changes can make a lot of difference in your overall health. So why hesitate to adopt? Get started right away!