Best Mattress For Kids

Although implementation of regular sleeping hours and bedtime discipline to their kids is a challenging task for every parent, quality sleep is essential for proper growing up and development of every child. Both mental and physical development of your child, their academic performances, overall health and immunity strength, stamina and general thriving depend crucially on the quality of their sleep.


While trying to control many factors influencing bedtime routine of their child (such as TV, food, playing…), parents often overlook the importance of investing in high – quality mattress for the kid. After two decades of dealing with all types of mattresses and collecting diverse customers’ views and experiences, experts from our company are rather competent to assist you in choosing an adequate mattress for your kids.

Can one size fit more than a decade?

Children grow significantly over the years and that’s an important aspect you should keep in mind when opting for adequate dimensions of kid’s mattress, especially if you are purchasing a bed for a toddler. There are several common models our company provides, each with pros and cons. If you can afford it and if the space in kid’s room suits it, opting for a so-called Full-size mattress is the best solution.


This model will suit your child up to early twenties. However, if you work with tight budget and space limitations, single size or twin – size bed are the models we recommend. They both fit relatively small rooms, will follow the child’s growth for longer than decade and prices are rather affordable.

Adjust firmness to weight

Choosing adequate firmness of the mattress is another essential trait you should consider carefully. Most mattresses fit into one of three major groups: firm, medium and soft. Soft beds are great for very young kids but tend to interfere with the development of proper posture over the years, while firm mattresses become uncomfortable as the child gains the weight.

Opting for some medium firmness will probably suit your kid in a long run properly.

Mattress material makes all the difference

Most bed types nowadays are coated with eco – friendly materials that prevent allergies many kids are struggling with. However, the main material varies and determines some crucial traits of the mattress. Innerspring models are the bed type we recommend to most parents. These constructions are extremely durable, resistant to pressure, don’t wear or tear so easy and generally suit hyper dynamic behavior of toddlers and young children. The quality of the coils used in this type of bed provides optimal firmness, airflow and support.


The material fits body contours but keeps the posture aligned which is necessary for proper growth. Similar traits are found in memory foam mattresses, that are appreciated for their motion isolation. Air mattresses are favorite among kids, but we do not recommend them as the option for primary bed and permanent usage. If you can afford it along with a classic type of mattress, air beds are great for improvising bedroom anywhere, including during traveling and vacations.