How To Choose A Right Mattress

Considering that we all spend a third of our lives sleeping in our beds, most people underestimate the importance of proper choosing their mattresses when purchasing a new bed. Back or neck pain might be something you can put up with, but the effects of uncomfortable bed and poor quality of sleep certainly affect your everyday life quality, efficiency and your overall health. This particularly refers to people sharing their beds with partners.


Finally, we all want to invest into high – a quality item that will provide functionality, suit our specific preferences (quite intimate, when it comes to mattresses) and last long enough to pay off in a long run. Thus, here are some main aspects you should always consider carefully when in search for new mattress.

Corelate budget with expected quality

Investing into new mattress requires certain financial preparations and calculations for most people and there is no such a thing as a correct answer to the dilemma about the sufficient amount of money. Simply, no price guarantees quality. Knowing that you should not pick the most expensive model in a store, but keep in mind that extremely low prices usually come with low quality and short lifespan of the mattress.

Adjust your budget to meet some average investment at least.

Match your expectations with mattress types and materials

The proper decision when purchasing new mattress eventually narrows down to opting for right kind of material and model of mattress. Although too many people tend to make choice based upon a mere design that will fit the rest of the interior, this aspect should not dictate your decision. There are several main types of mattresses at the market and each of them provides certain traits that lead to certain comfort while sleeping. Think thoroughly about the general sense you require while sleeping and opt for the model that provides it. If you want to take traditional, well – known path and play safe, opt for mattresses with springs. Steady, strongly supporting, responsive, extremely durable and finally quite affordable for most people.


This mattress model lasts for decades and present rather safe investment. Similar traits, with a little more bouncy and cooling effect, is found among latex models of mattresses. Somewhat different characteristics are found among memory foam mattresses. First, if you prefer a cooling effect while sleeping, avoid memory foam models. Aside from this issue, this type of mattresses is superior regarding comfort, contouring, motion isolation and many other aspects. An ideal option for partners sharing mattress.

Finally, there are many hybrid materials nowadays providing combined traits of previously described models.

Preferred position determines firmness

If you’re a back sleeper, go for firm materials that provide contouring of your body and adequate spine support. If you prefer sleeping on side, opt for moderate firmness to avoid neck and back pain caused by too soft mattresses and to gain solid support for the spine. Finally, if you sleep on your stomach, your mattress has to provide equal pressure and support to all parts of the body, thus opt for medium-firm type of material.